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About Me

From an early age, Tina enjoyed camping and hunting with her family. Her love of wild places led her to a degree in Range Science and a minor in Wildlife Biology at the University of Arizona and a subsequent career in the USDA Forest Service in Range and Wildlife. She also owned and operated an Environmental Consulting firm.  Tina believes that her scientific training, especially her observation skills, lends her art the realistic truism that she prides herself on.

Tina enjoys building and maintaining relationships with her collectors, many of whom have become good friends world-wide. Through her friends and collectors she has always found a welcome open door to visit and explore new locations, habitats, and “photo-stalking” her animal subjects. She has made a conscious effort to not flood the market with copies and giclees of her art, restricting the number of giclees to four only. Because of this she even has found a demand for her original studies and artist proofs. If you’re interested in her art please use the mailer form in the CONTACT section.  Thank you!

Stop by Tina's blog to see frequent updates on her works in progress.

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